Mediacity Seoul 2014 is the 8th Seoul International Media Art Biennale. We, the organizers of the Biennale, are preparing a series of events that has been conceived of as a biennale within the Biennale. The purpose of this pre-biennale is to share with the public the theme of Mediacity Seoul 2014 as they develop. The pre-biennale consists of lectures, discussions, workshops, public reach-out activities, and an exhibition. What we want to accomplish through these events is for the organizers and the public alike to have a better grasp of some of the key words that define the 2014 Biennale, such as ‘Asia,’ ‘catastrophe,’ ‘capitalism,’ ‘political passion,’ and ‘social media.’ Details of the events and their progress will be available on www.mediacityseoul.kr, the official website of the Biennale.We hope the website will enrich the experience of the Biennale.